What’s a Snowboard?

Snowboarding is a sport where an athlete descends snowy mountains using a board attached to their feet. When buying a snowboard, the athlete should consider their weight, height, and shoe size. The type of snowboarding also impacts the size of the board. Snowboarding was invented in the 1970s and was not initially respected by skiers. […]

Snowboard bindings: what to consider when buying?

Consider snowboard boots before buying bindings. The type of boots you have will determine what bindings you can buy. Consider the type of snowboarding you will be doing, how quickly you need to get on and off the board, size, and budget when choosing bindings. More expensive bindings offer more comfort and adjustability. There are […]

What’s Snowboard Cross?

Snowboard cross, also known as boardercross, is a competitive downhill event where four snowboarders race simultaneously around a course designed to test their control of the board. The winner is the first across the finish line, and style and technique are not judged. Snowboarders must also fight each other, often bumping as they zip around […]

Snowboard instructor’s role?

Snowboard instructors teach people of all ages and abilities, often focusing on beginners and intermediates. They may work at a ski resort or offer private tuition. Certification is required, and instructors can specialize in specific types of riding. There is a growing demand for qualified instructors worldwide. A snowboard instructor teaches snowboarding techniques to people […]

How to become a snowboard instructor?

To become a snowboard instructor, individuals must complete an accredited training program and pass a written exam. In the US, training courses are recognized by the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI), with three levels of certification available. Training can last from four weeks to several years, depending on the level. Certification requirements vary between […]

What’re snowboard gloves?

Snowboarding gloves are essential for all snowboarders, with longer cuffs to protect against snow and various materials available. Removable liners and wrist guards are also common features, as well as unique options like nose-wiping fabric and hand warmer vents. Durable palm material is important to protect against sharp snowboard edges. Gloves come in various colors […]

What’s snowboard gear?

Snowboard clothing includes a warm jacket, pants, long underwear, vest, hat, boots, and snow hats. It protects from extreme temperatures and hard surfaces, and can be purchased online or in specialty stores. Snowboarding requires specific clothing for protection and movement, including moisture-wicking layers, waterproof outer shells, and boots that lock into the board. Other unique […]

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