Types of degreasing solvents?

There are five types of solvent degreasers: industrial, metallic, steam, detergent, and ultrasonic. Each is designed for specific applications and complies with EPA standards. Industrial degreasers are used in commercial establishments and factories, metallic degreasers are used for cleaning vehicles and machinery, steam degreasers use vapor to clean parts, solvent cleaners combine degreasing and cleaning, […]

Uses of organic solvents?

Organic solvents, containing carbon, are used in various industries from cleaning to paint thinners and insecticides. They dissolve materials and perform the natural function of a solvent. However, they are harmful to humans, animals, plants, and the environment. Laws regulate their use, and protective clothing is necessary for those working with them. Organic solvents are […]

Types of degreasing solvents?

Degreasing solvents are used to clean greasy surfaces and come in five categories: vapor, ultrasonic, organic, metallic, and industrial. Each type has a unique purpose and method of cleaning. Vapor and ultrasonic use non-flammable chemicals, organic uses natural cleaners, metallic is for thick grease buildup, and industrial uses highly concentrated chemicals. Degreasing solvents are a […]

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