What’s Stockholm Tar?

Stockholm tar, a high-quality pine tar, is used for outdoor furniture and ropes. It’s made by burning pine in kilns, and was originally used for shipbuilding. Stockholm tar is recommended for waterproofing and is also used in baseball and veterinary medicine. Stockholm tar is a particularly high quality pine tar which is used among mariners […]

Stockholm drivers: cash rewards for good driving?

Stockholm tested a Speed Camera Lottery in 2010, where fines from speeding drivers were used as a prize for drivers who followed the speed limit. Average speeds dropped by 22%, but the initiative was not implemented permanently. Good drivers in Stockholm can receive monetary rewards through a lottery system through winnings made of fines from […]

What’s Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological behavior where hostages show loyalty or sympathy for their captors. It can also occur in cases of domestic abuse. The term originated from a 1973 bank robbery in Stockholm. Psychiatrists argue it’s a brainwashing technique or a defense mechanism for survival. It’s commonly used in the military to build loyalty […]

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