What’s a urethral stricture?

Urethral strictures occur when the urethra narrows due to scarring or inflammation, often caused by trauma or surgery. Symptoms include decreased urine output, pain, and swelling. Treatment options include urethral dilation or surgery. Recovery time is typically about a year. A urethral stricture is a condition in which a scarred or inflamed urethra becomes too […]

What’s a ureteral stricture?

Ureteral strictures are caused by kidney stones, scar tissue, or cancerous growths. Mild cases can be treated with outpatient surgery, while severe cases may require more extensive surgical treatments such as excising scar tissue or repairing the ureter. Symptoms vary depending on the cause. A ureteral stricture is a narrowing of the ureters. There are […]

What’s meat stricture?

Meatal stricture is a condition that causes the urethral opening to become narrow, leading to difficulty urinating and other problems. It can be caused by circumcision, urinary infections, or be congenital. Diagnosis involves physical exams and tests, and treatment includes dilation or a meatoplasty. Meatal stricture, sometimes called urethral stricture, is a medical condition that […]

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