What’s a switched reluctance motor?

Switched reluctance motors use electromagnetic forces to produce torque. They have high power output and few moving parts, but can be noisy and inefficient for low torque applications. Digital technologies can help optimize performance and increase efficiency, making them feasible for high-volume or high-power applications. A switched reluctance motor works through the manipulation of electromagnetic […]

What’s a switched capacitor?

Switched capacitors are electronic circuits consisting of a capacitor and two switches used to simulate components in an integrated circuit. They are commonly used in signal processing and filtering applications due to their compact size and accuracy. They allow for more complex integrated circuits to be manufactured in smaller packages and can incorporate frequency tuning. […]

What’s a switched capacitor?

Switched capacitor circuits use capacitors and switches to simulate other components in integrated circuits, particularly resistors. They are compact and accurate, allowing for more complex circuits in smaller packages. They also allow for frequency tuning and have been crucial to advances in analog integrated circuit technology. A switched capacitor is an electronic component or, more […]

What’s a switched sentence?

A commuted sentence is a reduction in the severity of a statutory sentence, often involving reduced prison terms or penalties. It is not the same as a pardon or clemency and requires approval from high-ranking officials. The word “commutation” comes from Latin and originally referred to receiving services in cash. Commutation requests are reviewed based […]

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