What’s a gas tap?

Gas shutoff valves control the flow of natural gas or propane through a hose. They are commonly used to shut off gas during repairs or emergencies. Gas taps are available in different materials and configurations, and buyers should consider size, temperature, pressure, flow rate, and material when choosing a fitting. A gas shutoff valve is […]

What’s a center tap?

A center tap is a connection in the middle of a transformer or inductor winding that can be used for voltage division, neutral-to-earth points, and signal drivers. It can provide half voltages and inductances for audio and power electronics. Resistors and potentiometers can also have a center tap. A center tap is usually a soldered […]

Bottled water cost vs. tap water?

Bottled water in the US costs 240-10,000 times more than tap water. Some bottled water is just bottled tap water and can be contaminated. Tap water regulations are stricter and it may contain essential minerals. Most plastic bottles are not recycled, causing environmental concerns. According to a 1999 study by the Natural Resources Defense Council […]

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