Night terrors: what are they?

Night terrors occur during deep sleep and are most common in children aged three to eight. Children may scream, cry, and fight but won’t fully awake or remember the event. Reducing stressors, having a calming bedtime routine, and avoiding external stimuli can help reduce night terrors. Older children and adults who experience nightmares should see […]

Night terrors vs. nightmares: differences?

Night terrors and nightmares are different, with night terrors occurring during deep sleep and causing the child to appear awake and distressed, while nightmares occur during REM sleep and are remembered upon waking. Night terrors can be caused by poor sleep, stress, fever, medication, or immature nervous systems, and parents should not try to wake […]

Causes of adult night terrors?

Night terrors in adults can be caused by sleep disorders, substance abuse, mental conditions, stress, genetics, and other factors. They are more dangerous than in children and should be diagnosed and treated by a specialist. Bipolar disorder, depression, and other sleep disorders can also induce night terrors. The few adults who experience night terrors often […]

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