Which country tops in college graduates?

Russia has the highest percentage of university graduates in the world, followed by Canada, Israel, and Japan. The US ranks 12th, with less than 40% of the population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. US college statistics show low completion rates and a significant need for remedial education. Income inequality affects college success rates. Russia […]

Which African nation tops in internet usage?

Morocco had the highest internet penetration rate in Africa in 2011, with 41.3% of the population having access to the internet. Nigeria had the largest number of internet users (44 million) and Egypt had the second-largest (20 million). South Africa, Algeria, and Sudan also had significant numbers of internet users. As of 2011, the African […]

Types of training tops?

Training tops are designed for comfort and uninhibited movement during exercise. Popular styles for women include sports bras and tanks, while men often wear muscle shirts and basketball jerseys. Some tops are unisex and made with special fabrics to regulate body temperature. Training tops are specially designed shirts to be worn during exercise. In general, […]

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