Origins of Olympic torch relay?

The modern Olympic Torch Relay originated in Nazi Germany in 1936 as a way to promote the myth of “Aryan” superiority. The torch’s path foreshadowed the path Hitler’s troops would take in WWII. However, the torch relay became a symbol of peace after the war. Jesse Owens won four gold medals, angering Hitler. The Olympic […]

What’s the Olympic Torch Relay?

The Olympic Flame Relay involves passing a flame from torchbearer to torchbearer around the world, starting in Greece and ending at the Olympic Games. The flame travels in unusual ways and events are held to celebrate it. The tradition began in 1928 and anyone can be a torchbearer. The torch is used to light the […]

What’s a Plasma Torch?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, consisting of charged molecules that form gas-like clouds or beams of ions. A plasma torch converts gas into plasma for fusion through metal, cutting and welding. It is used in the automotive, construction and art industries. Safety precautions should be taken when using a plasma torch. Plasma, also […]

What’s a thermal torch?

Heat torches are devices used to increase the temperature of various substances. They can be handheld or industrial-sized and used for hobbies, soldering, medical devices, and construction. Electric and fuel-powered heat guns are available, with accessories for delicate jobs. Jewelers use them to weld metals, and medical devices use them for cuvette sealing. Heat torches […]

What’s a Crème Brulee torch?

A creme brulee torch is a controversial kitchen tool used to caramelize sugar on custard. It is a portable device filled with flammable liquids and can cost up to $50. Chefs debate its necessity, with some preferring simple propane alternatives. The torch is also useful for other cooking techniques, but fire safety precautions should be […]

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