What’s a Vac Blender?

A vacuum mixer is used to mix compounds under vacuum conditions to prevent bubble formation. It is available for scientific research, food service, and medical uses. Mixer blades can be replaced for different applications. It is commonly used in the preparation of cements, amalgam, and other materials for medical applications. The device can be fully […]

What’s a Vac Pump?

Otto von Guericke demonstrated the power of voids in 1663 by joining two copper hemispheres and creating a vacuum. Vacuum pumps were originally used for scientific study, but evolved into practical uses like manufacturing and vehicle amenities. There are two common types: compressed air and electromechanical. They are used in semiconductor processing, brake boosters, cruise […]

What’s a Vac Actuator?

A vacuum actuator uses vacuum-induced motion to provide actuating force to a secondary device. It consists of a sealed chamber with a piston or diaphragm connected to an actuator rod. The vacuum source pulls the piston or diaphragm towards the port, providing actuating motion. It is commonly used in automobile engines and air conditioning systems. […]

What’s a Vac Tube?

Vacuum tubes were widely used in electronic devices before transistors and integrated circuits. They were invented after Thomas Edison observed the Edison Effect. Vacuum tubes are still used in some specialized devices, including military applications and electric guitar amplifiers. They contain filaments that release electrons, creating a negatively charged electron cloud. Some tubes also have […]

What’s a Vac Flange?

Vacuum flanges connect pipes and chambers in vacuum systems. They come in fixed or rotatable types, made of steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, glass, ceramic, or PVC. Quick Flange (QF) and Large Flange (LF) are standard sizes, while ConFlat (CF) is used in ultra-high vacuum systems. A vacuum flange is a small device used in […]

What’s a vac hose?

Suction tubes are medical devices connected to a suction machine used to clear liquids and sludge in various medical procedures, including dentistry, surgery, and respiratory care. Tips can be changed for different applications, and some are disposable to limit the spread of disease. A suction tube is a medical device that provides suction by being […]

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