Tech Sales Manager: Job Description?

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A technical sales manager markets, educates, and distributes specialized products or services, making presentations to colleagues and clients. They cultivate new customers and offer training classes to increase sales revenue and resolve technical issues. Attention to detail is crucial.

A technical sales manager oversees the marketing, education, and distribution of specialized products such as electronic devices or technical services. This management position requires the worker to make presentations to colleagues and potential clients based on an in-depth knowledge of the design and use of products or services. Customers work closely with the Technical Sales Manager to create a system specifically tailored to the customer’s industry, such as commercial computer networking.

New technologies emerge every day; it is the technical sales manager’s job to learn and ultimately convey the benefits of the new device or system to customers. The manager can offer a training class for colleagues, allowing them to get an overview of the system with hands-on experience. Colleagues are prepared to answer any future customer questions after this training class, increasing sales revenue for the manager’s department or company.

Direct-to-customer training classes are also offered by the technical sales manager, typically for customer managers or supervisors. Questions about the use and configuration of products or services can be examined to optimize implementation. As a result, the customer is more involved in the development or customization process, creating a solid business relationship.

Another main duty of the technical sales manager is the cultivation of new customers. New technological systems, or additions to current setups, should ask the manager to contact different companies for a demonstration. Systems that didn’t fit a specific customer in the past may have new components that address a current need, such as wireless networking for computers. The technical sales manager can convey information about new system components, in particular to make a sale.

Technical sales managers should also talk to customers who have technical issues with a previously installed system. While a repair technician may resolve the physical problem, the manager’s presence in the customer’s business will generally resolve any questions about future use and reliability. The customer may have concerns about the accuracy of the system, causing possible back sales of the components. A successful technical sales manager can calm any fears and increase the customer’s confidence in the products and the system as a whole.

This management position requires a lot of attention to detail. Written notes about customer concerns and contact names must be accurately recorded in computer databases for future communication. Specific system configurations required from customers need to be documented for a more personal sales pitch in the future. In addition, spoken communication is essential for transmitting technical information in an easy-to-understand manner for successful ongoing sales.

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