Top-selling items in prisons?

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Honey sandwiches are the most popular item in Florida prisons, with inmates buying 270,000 a month. They are used for bartering and have caused stabbings. Inmates in North Carolina also love them and they are requested for last meals.

Honey sandwiches – those intensely sweet, gold-frosted pastry snacks – are the currency of the day in Florida prisons, with Florida inmates buying more honey sandwiches than cigarettes or Coke® – plus 270,000 sandwiches a month . They’re used to bartering everything from prescription drugs to Social Security numbers, and there have been at least two reported stabbings related to the honey sandwich.

More Jail Honey Bun Facts:

Florida inmates aren’t the only ones who have a love affair with honey buns. North Carolina inmates use the buns to flavor fermented orange juice and even make birthday cakes.
Honey sandwiches are also a common request for last meals, and one inmate paid his public defense attorneys in honey sandwiches when he was rescued from the electric chair.
When the price of honey buns went up a few cents, many prisoners complained, and relatives of inmates even wrote angry letters to prisons.

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