Tourist Board salary spending?

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The Italian Tourist Board spends most of its budget on salaries, leading to a lack of marketing and a decline in tourism. Italy was the most visited country in the 1970s, but dropped to fifth place by 2013. The official tourism website cost $50 million. Italy earned over $45 million in tourism in 2011, but less than 15% of tourists visit southern regions. Tourism accounts for over 10% of jobs in Italy.

The Italian Tourist Board spends around 98% of its budget on salaries. This high amount of wage bills is thought to play a role in the decline in tourists choosing to visit the country, because very little of the Tourism Board’s budget is spent on marketing. In the 1970s Italy was the most visited country in the world by tourists, but by 2013 it had dropped to fifth place. A major part of what the Italian tourism board spent on marketing was for an official tourism website that cost $50 million US dollars (USD).

More information on tourism in Italy:

Italy brought in more than $45 million in tourism in 2011.
Less than 15% of international tourists visiting Italy travel to Naples or other southern regions, which were major tourist destinations in the 1970s.
More than 2.5 million jobs in Italy – or more than 10% of the country’s jobs – are related to the tourism industry.

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