Types of Athletics Fields?

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Athletic camps vary in cost, length of stay, events offered, and coaching experience. Local high schools and recreation centers offer low-cost, non-residential camps, while collegiate athletic departments offer more expensive camps with dormitory residency and well-known coaches. Specialized camps focus on specific events, and regional and national training camps cater to serious athletes. Athletics camps may also be packaged with other interests and targeted towards children with disabilities, urban youth, and underprivileged youth. USA Track & Field offers elite camps for emerging athletes and coaches.

Athletics camps are a great way for young athletes to improve their skills. These fields come in different types. They vary based on cost, length of stay, events offered, and coaching experience. The type of organization that manages the camps usually determines the environment of the camp.
The cost of athletic fields is directly related to who sponsors the field. Camps organized by a local high school or recreation center tend to be non-residential and low-cost, and use local talent for coaching. Collegiate athletic departments can offer the next step forward. Their camps usually draw from a larger population base and are likely to offer dormitory residency, staff trainers, and well-known coaches. The price tends to be higher to accommodate rising costs.

Specialized track and field camps focus on a subsection of events. For example, the field may cover throwing events, sprints or distance races. These are often held by private companies which tour the country offering clinics or short camps and which are hosted by local sporting goods stores. Running clubs also sponsor these types of clinics. Still other camps cater to training sports professionals and offer internships to trainers, conditioning experts, and dietitians.

Serious athletes will pay more to participate in regional and national training camps. These camps cater to athletes looking forward to international competition, including the Olympics. Students intending to run in college often vet the college’s coaching staff by attending a weekend track and field symposium. Some athletes will attend track and field camps for cross-training or just for a change of pace.

Many athletics camps are packaged with other interests. These may include studies in a foreign language, computer skills, social graces or religious communion. Other specialized camps serve children and young adults with disabilities. Urban youth and underprivileged youth are also targeted for athletics camps. Weight loss and fitness camps may offer track and field events as part of their sports programs.

Track and field events in the United States are governed by USA Track & Field (USATF), headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. This non-profit organization supports the Junior Olympics and selects athletes who will represent the United States at the Olympics and other international events. The fields offered by USATF are elite; Participation is by invitation only. The camps are aimed at emerging athletes and coaches.

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