Types of basketball gear?

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Basketball equipment ranges from simple items like a ball to more complex ones like specialized shoes and goals. The biggest expense is the hoop and backboard apparatus. Indoor players need a board and backboard, which can cost anywhere from $150 to over $1,000. Basketball clothing is versatile, and any athletic shoe can be used, but specialized shoes can cost over $200. Coaches need basic equipment like a whistle, cones, and a first aid kit.

Basketball equipment can be as simple as the ball or as complex as a wide variety of items, including specialized basketball shoes and various types of basketball goals. The biggest expense, in most cases, is the hoop and backboard apparatus. However, the sport’s popularity among young people stems in part from the fact that, once you have a ball, basketball gear can be almost anything you want it to be.

For those interested in playing basketball indoors, a board and backboard will be needed. While some choose to make their own homemade backboards, buy a border, and attach it to something already in their home, like a wall, many choose something more substantial. Today, fiberglass and Plexiglas backboards are almost as common in home installations as they are in public use environments. However, those interested in purchasing a board will likely be making a substantial investment. Depending on the quality, the appliance can cost anywhere from around $150 US dollars to more than $1,000 USD.

The piece of basketball equipment most people are familiar with is the basketball itself. It’s important to understand when shopping for a basketball that some are rated for indoor use only and may not hold up well to outdoor use. The bubbles and ridges on a ball meant for indoor use only will wear off quickly and the ball will not perform as it should. Therefore, make sure you choose the type of ball that will work well for your situation.

Basketball clothing is perhaps the most versatile of all basketball clothing. A pair of shorts, trainers and a t-shirt will suffice. However, for organized teams, basketball uniforms consisting of shorts and sleeveless shirts are often used. The short style has changed over the years. Prior to the mid-1980s, nearly all shorts were cut to a length above the mid-thigh. Now, they tend to go down almost to the knee and in some cases beyond the knee.

Specialized basketball shoes are often used, but any type of athletic shoe can be used. These shoes often give plenty of ankle support and traction for hardwood floors, the type of flooring most often used in a gym. They can be quite expensive, with $200 USD or more for a single pair. However, there are models not associated with major basketball stars that can be found for significantly less.

The type of basketball equipment a coach will need or use is similar to the type of athletic equipment used in other types of activities. A whistle is often available to conduct drills and get players’ attention, practice cones, and perhaps a first aid kit to deal with any injuries. The equipment required in basketball is not as substantial or specialized as it might be in other types of sports.

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