Types of embossing machines?

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Embossing machines vary based on the surface used. Manual metal types are used for seals, while card and leather embossing machines are compact and customizable. Sheet metal types are used for hard surfaces, and multifunctional machines are cost-efficient. Embossing dies and cutters can also be integrated.

The different types of embossing machines depend on the surface used in the embossing. Some embossing machines are the heavy-duty type used for hard, rigid surfaces. Others are used for soft, flexible surfaces. Bookstores even sell hand-held embossers for quick and convenient uses.
The simplest embossing machinery is the manual metal type, which works by pressing the two plates together to create a design. This type has only one image. Schools, government offices and organizations use this machine to stamp their seals on documents for authenticity. Industrial embossers are used for custom projects and can accommodate different types of paper and board, even in different sizes.

A card embossing machine can also be operated manually. It is typically used for embossing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cards, such as ID cards, credit cards and membership cards. The machine has a built-in alphabet and number wheel for spelling out words to be printed. This type of machine is also compact and can be placed on a table.

Another type is leather embossing machinery, which is specifically used for leather products. Companies use this machine to print their brands and logos on products such as bags, shoes and clothing. Decorative designs and holes can also be applied to leather. Some embossing machines use thermal heating to make the leather soft, making embossing easier. The designs can also be customized in this machine.

For hard surfaces such as steel and aluminum, a sheet metal type of embossing machine is more useful. The machine also uses heat, along with pressure, to emboss images by passing the sheets through custom patterned metal rollers. This type of embossing is effective for aluminum foil used for flooring, metal badges and vehicle registration numbers. Embossing companies usually keep the custom rollers for future use.

Embossing machinery can be multifunctional. This represents a very cost-conscious option, especially for small businesses. Multifunctional machines tend to be efficient at embossing softer surfaces, such as paper, leather and PVC. Sheet metal still requires a specialized embossing machine.

Many, if not all, embossing machines also incorporate embossing dies to add color to the embossed images. Cutters can also be integrated to automatically cut the surface into precise dimensions. Many machines also have anti-curl technology for softer surfaces to make sure the embossed image is applied smoothly.

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