Types of excavation companies?

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Excavation involves removing dirt and debris from the earth using heavy equipment and manual labor. Different types of excavation companies specialize in specific tasks such as building foundations, drainage fields, road construction, tree removal, pond building, and laying water and gas pipes. Each type of excavation requires specific equipment and training.

Excavation is the process of removing dirt and debris from the earth through the use of heavy construction equipment and manual labor. There are many types of excavation companies that specialize in specific types of excavation. Examples include clearing dirt, digging roads, digging sewage, and installing home foundations. Each type of company uses specific construction equipment designed to assist a particular excavation project.

Building a home foundation is a complex operation that requires experience and specialized training. Excavating companies that work on building foundations are usually general contractors. These teams understand the fundamentals of basic home design and the excavation procedures required for footers for specific home types. This type of excavation requires a backhoe operator to dig the foundation.

Drainage fields are another specialty for excavation companies. These are the sewer lines needed for homes or building construction. Digging drainage fields requires knowledge and training in grading and slope techniques. This is necessary to ensure that the sewage system drains properly onto the building lot.

Road design and construction is another example of excavation. Several excavation companies specialize in road development. These companies require special construction equipment to prepare and finish the road surfaces. Some examples include graders, rollers, asphalt machines and heavy loaders. Each piece of equipment requires specific training and experience, which must be used to ensure that a level road surface is created.

Many excavation companies specialize in tree removal and land clearing tasks. This is a form of excavation that uses heavy equipment to remove shrubbery and logs from building lots. Most lot clearing companies use loaders, dump trucks and backhoe loaders to remove debris from the ground. They use this heavy equipment in conjunction with grader equipment to level the land after the trees have been removed.

Building a pond also requires digging equipment. This is typically completed by companies familiar with soil erosion and water drainage techniques. Most artificial ponds use water from nearby streams, making them more suitable for natural habitat. The excavation company will normally build a small trench to pull water from streams into the pond.
Laying water and gas pipes is another type of work performed by an excavation company. This requires special equipment designed to excavate and lay long concrete pipe material underground. Water and gas pipes are normally installed to serve most suburban cities and towns. This type of excavation provides heat and water to many households around the world.

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