Types of Frozen Yogurt Flavors?

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Frozen yogurt comes in various forms, including soft treats, packaged products, and plain yogurt that has been frozen. Flavors vary greatly, with frozen yogurt often offering bolder and more varied options than ice cream, including fruit and dessert flavors. Self-serve options allow for mixing and matching, and Frozen Yogurt, a Korean invention with a tart bite, has become popular in the US. Frozen yogurt can be found in many shops and restaurants, with dedicated yogurt shops offering a wider variety of flavors.

Frozen yogurt comes in many types. It can be a soft treat offered at a food establishment, a packaged product in the grocery store’s ice cream aisle, or a plain container of yogurt that has been frozen. When frozen yogurt comes in the form of a frozen container of plain yogurt, it can be any flavor in the store. The most common frozen yogurt flavors found in restaurants are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. At frozen yogurt shops, the flavors vary as much as the imagination of the person who designed the yogurt flavors.

Typically, frozen yogurt flavors are bolder and more varied than those typically found in ice cream. This makes frozen yogurt flavors not commonly found in ice cream an everyday find at frozen yogurt shops. Surprising, yet common flavors carried by frozen yogurt shops include fruit flavors like taro, guava, and lychee, as well as creamy dessert flavors like gingerbread, cheesecake, and cookies and cream.

Yogurt lovers looking to cater to a unique taste can also opt for a flavored frozen treat such as cookie dough, pie batter, or red bean paste. Many frozen yogurt shops are self-serve style, allowing users to mix and match their favorite flavors. This can sometimes produce some interesting and unexpected tastes when the contrasting flavors melt a frozen yogurt soup at the bottom of the serving cup.

One frozen yogurt flavor that has enjoyed great success in the United States is Frozen Yogurt, originally a Korean invention. It has about the same smooth texture as other frozen yogurt flavors, but has a tart bite in addition to its sweet creaminess. The recipes for different frozen yogurt flavors are different, but are generally sour because they contain more yogurt than other non-sour frozen yogurt flavors. The mild, sweet flavors of frozen yogurt are mild when mixed with a large portion of cream or milk, so they taste like ice cream.

Frozen yogurt can be purchased at many ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, as well as some restaurants. Usually, when restaurants serve this treat, it’s only a small portion of what they serve, and it usually has limited, common flavors. Conversely, stores dedicated to frozen yogurt often pride themselves on a wide variety of tart and fruity or creamy and dessert flavors. Every yogurt shop offers permanent and seasonal frozen yogurt flavors.

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