Types of lift projects?

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Different hoist designs are used worldwide, with each having its own benefits. Single post hydraulic hoists are traditional, while four post hoists are popular in home garages. Two post hoists are used in a variety of configurations, and portable hoists are available. The two post design allows for easy access to the underside of the vehicle, while some portable models allow for wheel removal while the vehicle is in the raised position.

There are many different hoist designs used around the world, each with its own particular benefits. The traditional single post hydraulic hoist has been used in garages and repair facilities for decades, while the four post hoist models have been very popular in home garages and custom shops. More recent hoist designs use the two-post hoist in a multitude of configurations, from air to electric lift mechanisms. Other types of hoist designs can be found on construction sites, and portable hoists are also available for use when a garage isn’t an option for making repairs.

For many types of vehicle repairs, the use of a hoist is mandatory to allow the mechanic access to the underside of the vehicle. The difference in hoist design gives a well-equipped repair center a choice of several styles, each offering a potential advantage over the other styles. In typical automobile hoist designs, the lifting ram is located directly in the center of the vehicle. This design works well for balancing the vehicle while on the hoist; however, these lift designs place the lift arms and brackets underneath the vehicle, preventing access to many vital components.

Common four-post lift designs use a pair of ramps that are raised at all four corners by cables attached to the ramp structure. This is a common design used in home garages due to the lack of need to bolt the hoist to the concrete floor. The problem with these types of lifter designs is that the vehicle has to sit on all four tires just as it is on the lifter. To service the brakes, suspension, or other vehicle components, the vehicle must be jacked up while on the hoist. This is not only inconvenient, it is also very dangerous.

More recently, lift designs have focused on the two-post design. Whether used in a home garage, professional repair facility or construction site, the two-post design allows the support arms to reach underneath the vehicle from the outside. This keeps the underside of the vehicle open and easily accessible.

Some portable models use a side lift mechanism that reaches under the vehicle to make contact with the chassis. This allows the wheels to be removed while the vehicle is in the raised position. This style is often found at on-site equipment repair yards.

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