Types of Low Carb Cookies?

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Low-carb cookies are made by replacing high-carb ingredients like sugar and flour with low-carb alternatives like artificial sweeteners and almond or soy flour. They can be bought or made at home, but some find their taste and texture inferior to regular cookies. Some suggest skipping low-carb cookies and opting for a small serving of natural sweet treats like fruit.

Because large amounts of sugar and starch are off-limits on low-carb (or “low-carb”) diets, cookies, which tend to be loaded with both, are generally off-limits. Those with an insatiable sweet tooth will be happy to know, however, that dietitians, food manufacturers, and home bakers have devised ways to create low-carb cookies. The trick to making low-carb cookies is replacing traditional high-carb ingredients, especially sugar and flour, with low-carb replacements. There are many different types of low-carb cookies, some of which can be baked at home and some that can be purchased at stores. While these cookies may fit into one’s diet, many find their taste and texture to be inferior to regular cookies.

Simply put, low-carb cookies are cookies that have been made without the high-carb ingredients found in many traditional baked goods. Among the most common high-carb ingredients found in traditional cookie recipes are sugar and flour. When making low-carb cookies, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols derived from natural sources are often used instead of white sugar. Similarly, white flour is often swapped for a low-carb flour, such as almond or soy flour.

Since making low-carb cookies is generally a matter of making a few substitutions, nearly any type of cookie can be made in a low-carb version. This can include popular favorites like chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies, cookies for Christmas and other holidays, traditional European cookies like macaroons and cookies, and so on. In fact, the possible variations of low-carb cookies are largely limited only by a baker’s imagination and willingness to experiment. You can buy a variety of low carb cookies from supermarkets, health food stores and internet based retailers and also make these cookies at home.

While low-carb biscuits are widely available and may allow for a snack that complies with the rules and regulations of a low-carb diet, it should be noted that many find the taste and texture of these biscuits to be mediocre or downright unpleasant compared to ordinary biscuits . Additionally, some dieters find that deeming a particular snack to be “healthy” can actually lead them to indulge in that snack. Some followers of the low-carb diet suggest skipping the low-carb cookies and other fancy desserts, and instead consume a small serving of a sweet but natural treat, like fruit.

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