Types of machine tool maintenance?

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Machine tool maintenance involves servicing various equipment used in production, such as changing oils, filters, and hoses, replacing cutting tools, and programming CNC machines. Dirty oil and improper coolant levels can damage equipment. Small shops may have in-house maintenance, while larger ones hire outside companies. Manufacturers may also provide maintenance. Specialized companies can service saw blades and repair equipment. Proper maintenance reduces breakdowns and poor performance.

Machine tool maintenance ranges from lathes and mills to grinders and planers. Many businesses use an independent service provider for maintenance of the various shop equipment and tools used in the day-to-day production of goods. This machine tool maintenance can involve changing cooling and lubricating oils and fluids to changing filters and hydraulic hoses on various machines. The replacement of cutting tools, sharpening and even the correct dressing of the grinding wheels are all functions of the maintenance of rental machine tools. This service can also be applied to programming computer numerical control (CNC) machines, as well as installing new equipment and performing general machine cleaning.

One of the most damaging elements on any shop equipment is dirty lube oil, followed by improper coolant levels. Heat is the enemy of most processing equipment and leads not only to worn or destroyed cutting heads but also damages motors, belts and bearings within the machine. Some small shops have an individual on the payroll to maintain the equipment, however, larger shops commonly hire an outside machine tool service company. These companies often arrive at the store after closing time and work through the night maintaining equipment.

Occasionally, this type of machine tool support is provided by the manufacturers of the various equipment. Machine maintenance for a grinder might involve dressing the grindstone or stone, replacing the coolant used during the grinding process, and lubricating the bearings. Service on a CNC machine could involve changing cutting bits, changing coolant, and even reprogramming the machine to rework the part. Some machine makers rent their equipment to machine shops, so maintaining your machines ensures that your machines are well taken care of. This reduces the risk of a machine being returned due to breakdown or poor performance.

Other types of machine tool servicing are complemented by companies specializing in the maintenance and repair of various types of workshop equipment. Changing the blades in some types of saws can be a complex and complex experience for the layman, however, machine tool maintenance personnel are trained in the proper replacement and adjustment of the many types of blades used in the various types of equipment. Occasionally, a small piece of machined steel will work in the bed set screws of a router, rendering the machine unusable; a machine tool maintenance worker will disassemble the crankcase and clean all the components, making the machine ready for use again.

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