Types of packaging tools?

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Different industries have different packaging needs, and packaging tools are designed to meet those needs. Common tools include cardboard boxes, plastic bags, duct tape, box cutters, plastic steel strapping, and shrink wrap. These tools are used to hold, protect, and secure products during shipping and transportation.

Packing tools are used in all kinds of industries. However, manufacturing and distribution have different packaging needs than small businesses, so packaging tools are designed to meet a variety of needs. Some of the most common packaging tools are cardboard boxes, plastic bags, duct tape, and box cutters.
Cardboard boxes are packaging tools used to hold items. Products are placed inside and secured with newspaper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other types of packing materials for safe shipping. Cardboard boxes can be used to transport large quantities of merchandise from a manufacturing facility to a store, or they can be used to protect a product until the buyer can take it home from the store and prepare it for use. There are many types of cardboard boxes, although most are folded into a set shape that fits together in some way, or folded and taped together. Utility knives or box cutters are often used for cutting tape and otherwise opening cardboard boxes, although they are useful for other cutting needs as well.

Plastic bags are used in product packaging for protection. Plastic bags can keep a product dry, dust free and safe from damage while in a box. Various items can be placed in plastic bags and placed in the same box, keeping items organized while saving space.

A common form of packing tape is a clear plastic tape that fits into a dispenser. The serrated edge of the dispenser cuts the tape when stretched over a box to snugly seal a packed box. Another popular form of packing tape is a threaded paper form that you plug into a dispenser with water. That water activates the sticky side of the tape as it’s dispensed.

Plastic Steel Strapping Packing Tools curl large plastic strapping around boxes or pallets to hold everything in place during the shipping process. These straps also come in steel with a crimping tool that attaches a metal bracket to the straps to hold them in place. These straps are sturdy and can withstand a lot of pressure without breaking.

Shrink wrap is plastic wrap that is folded around packages on full pallets for added support during movement. Once the pallet is fully stacked with the packages to be shipped, the shrink wrap is folded around the pallet and all of the boxes. This forms a tight plastic barrier around the boxes and the pallet that holds them in place. Machines are available for shrinking large pallets.

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