Types of sandblasters?

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Sandblasters use sand or similar substances to prepare surfaces for refinishing. There are three main types: gravity, siphon, and pressure sandblasters, which vary in size and portability. Protective clothing, including eye protection, is necessary when using a sandblaster.

Sandblasters are devices that use sand, or a similar substance, to prepare a surface for refinishing. The sand is usually ejected from a special nozzle, often referred to as a sandblast gun, by pressure. Three main types of sandblasters include gravity, siphon, and pressure sandblasters. They can also vary in size, from very small to very large, for each type of job.

Gravity-fed sandblasters, as the name suggests, work thanks to gravity. The sand is placed in a small container, sometimes called a hopper, which is mounted on top of the gun. The gun is then hooked up to an air compressor. When you pull the trigger and air comes out of the nozzle, the sand falls out of the container and is expelled from the nozzle.

A siphon sandblaster works in a similar way. The container that holds the sand, on the other hand, is located under the nozzle instead of on top. When the air is released, it sucks the sand out of the nozzle.
Pressure sanders require pressurized sand containers. Sandblasting guns are attached to these containers and sand is ejected from the container when the gun trigger is pulled. While much simpler than other types of blaster, these can be more expensive, as the sand cannot be reused and new canisters must be purchased when old ones are empty.

Mini sandblasters are typically made to be moved very easily. These portable sandblasters can be used in very confined spaces and for detail work. For example, a hand sander can be used under a car to remove rust or old paint before refinishing. Smaller sandblasters are also sometimes used to etch detailed designs into the glass.

You may need to fit a larger sandblaster to something to stabilize it. These can be mounted on a bench or inside a cabinet. When mounted on a wheeled cart, however, they can be portable. These sandblasters can be used to remove old paint from the side of a house before repainting. Automotive sandblasters can be used to remove paint and rust from the bodywork of a car or other vehicle before repainting.

Much larger industrial sandblasters may need to be fitted to large trucks. These are often used for very large external jobs. Paint and rust can be removed from very large buildings or water towers using these types of sandblasters.
When using a sandblaster, protective clothing must be worn. Eye protection, like goggles, is one of the most important things to remember when sandblasting. Sand, or other types of blasting media, could get into a person’s eye as they work and scratch sensitive tissue on the surface of the eyeball. Other protective equipment may include respirators and gloves.

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