Types of seasonal candy?

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Candy corn is a popular treat for many holidays and seasons of the year. Different varieties of candy corn are available for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, with various colors and flavors.

No matter what the occasion, there’s always a demand for candy corn. As the staple for many holidays and certain seasons of the year, candy corn is as central to the high points of the year as the holidays themselves. Here are some examples of seasonal candy corn that can brighten up any season of the year.

Winter is a great time to find different varieties of seasonal candy corn. Shortly after the new year begins, stores will start preparing for that day of love, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Soon, stores will feature red and white seasonal candy corn blends. Some will be the traditional two-tone design, while some manufacturers opt for mixing red and white candy corn chunks in one container. Often flavored with cherry or cinnamon flavoring, Valentine’s Day candy corn can add some spice to the holiday.

As winter fades and spring comes into being, things will jump with the corn bunny. A favorite in candy dishes when Easter time is inviting, this type of seasonal candy corn often comes in a rainbow of pastels. Light colors go great with almost any Easter decoration and are definitely a way to keep kids interested in enjoying their day. Easter candy corn is relatively new compared to some other traditional candy corn varieties, but it has quickly found a loyal audience.

Summer brings a lot of sunshine and a lot of patriotism to different countries. In the United States, seasonal candy corn with a red, white, and blue pattern often becomes available just as spring gives way to summer, and continues to be available until Independence Day. Like a little extra to sprinkle around Fourth of July picnics and buffet tables, this seasonal sweet corn is a treat for anyone who’s been waiting for the burgers and hot dogs to leave the grill and come to the table.

Autumn brings cooler weather and many crops are harvested and prepared for use in the winter. Along with the cooler weather also comes the time of year when the more popular seasonal candy cereal makes an appearance. Almost everyone remembers Halloween candy in the shape of corn kernels. Designed to mimic the colorful look of Indian corn, this fall favorite finds its way into trick-or-treating bags as well as hanging around the den and living room in the candy dish. Oftentimes, these combinations of red, white, and yellow remain popular well into Thanksgiving.

With the close of the year comes the completion of the cycle, as autumn once again gives way to winter. The chill of winter isn’t left without seasonal candy corn to mark the time of year. As people prepare for the last holidays of the year, brightly colored decorations, chocolate Santas and lots of tree trimmings are accompanied by glass containers filled with holiday corn. Some are colored with red and green dyes, while others are dyed to look like traditional reindeer corn. Flavors range from spicy apple cinnamon to comforting vanilla. Christmas corn often becomes part of hostess gifts as people visit open houses and other social events during the holiday season.

For folks who love a treat, the fact that seasonal candy corn can be found virtually any time of the year is cause for celebration. With a pop of color and plenty of sweet taste to keep everyone in a good mood, seasonal candy corn is a great option.

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