Types of Self-Esteem Worksheets?

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Self-esteem worksheets can be completed by hand or online and are used by professionals such as psychologists and life coaches. They can assess and build self-esteem, and can be tailored to address specific issues. Worksheets can be simple or in-depth, and may follow a particular topic or theory.

Among the different types of self-esteem worksheets are those that are completed by hand and those that are completed online. Handcrafted worksheets can come in a variety of forms, such as those that are simple assessments usually consisting of one or two pages, those that attempt a more in-depth assessment, and those that are part of a workbook format. Self-Esteem Worksheets can assess self-esteem, help people build self-esteem, or can be created to do both.

Schools, psychologists, and life coaches are among the professionals who frequently use self-esteem scales when working with students and clients. Worksheets are created as tools for measuring an individual’s self-esteem levels. Often, the worksheets are distributed in a classroom or lab, but many self-esteem worksheets are independently accessible on the Internet or can be purchased from self-help companies.

Professionally distributed worksheets are often printed on paper and participants are expected to complete the worksheet by hand. In some cases, the worksheets can be read to the participants while the answers are recorded by a teacher or therapist. Often, these types of self-esteem worksheets are used in self-esteem classes or offered in therapeutic settings, such as a support group or therapy session. Worksheets may focus on a single training discourse or may incorporate several theories of self-esteem, such as those espoused by Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or those linking social rankings with self-esteem.

Individuals can also complete self-esteem worksheets online. Digital versions can be completed on special software used by a person who teaches self-esteem courses. Self-esteem worksheets on special software are typically completed in a teacher’s office or classroom, while online worksheets can be completed on a student’s home or office computer.

Those with low self-esteem can improve self-esteem by reading self-help books, blogs, and websites and creating a self-esteem worksheet tailored to address specific issues. If your low self-esteem is rooted in childhood abuse or negative thinking patterns, you can read books about overcoming those issues, and some of the tips in these teachings can be turned into a self-esteem worksheet. Tools like this can be printed out on a single worksheet, entered into an electronic journal, or worked on in a physical journal where one or two questions a day are answered or certain self-esteem exercises are targeted as daily goals.

Many self-esteem worksheets are designed in a simple question-and-answer format, others are created using a self-esteem scale that first helps a person discover the roots of their low self-esteem. Worksheets like this one are usually several pages long or can even be integrated into books focusing on self-esteem improvement. When presented in this format, self-esteem worksheets tend to follow chapters that address a particular topic and are accompanied by a list of action steps to help a person overcome personal issues that have created a deficit in self-esteem levels.

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