Types of silicone gaskets?

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Silicone gaskets are versatile and have desirable qualities such as resiliency and heat resistance. They are available in different types, including molded, foam, and solid silicone. Manufacturers use different processes to make them, such as die-cutting and mold injection. Special gaskets are made for specific industrial applications. Silicone gaskets are used in various industries, including food, medical, aeronautical, automotive, and electronics. They are stable under extreme temperatures and have other qualities such as resistance to aging and fatigue. Food grade silicone gaskets are used in water purification, filtration, and food manufacturing applications.

Almost every manufacturing company has applications for silicone gaskets because silicone is so versatile. Silicone and silicone-based gaskets generally have many desirable qualities, including excellent resiliency and heat resistance. They are available as molded gaskets, foam or sponge gaskets, and shapes cut from solid silicone material. Some manufacturers make special gaskets out of different materials, such as gel-based silicone or metal-molded silicone, for specific industrial applications. Some of the distinctive companies that use silicone gaskets include food and medical institutions, aeronautical and automotive industries, and electronics manufacturers.

Gasket manufacturers typically make silicone gaskets in four different ways. They use die-cut or water jet equipment to cut solid gasket material to create solid gaskets. Sponge and foam gaskets are similar, but the material used is slightly different. The fourth process uses mold injection techniques. Manufacturers order the style of gasket that best fits their needs, such as using foam gaskets for vibration-reducing gaskets.

Solid silicone gaskets are the most solid type of gasket. Although many gasket manufacturers cut solid gaskets from sheets of solid silicone, some use injection or compression molding techniques. Silicone gasket sheets are available for people to cut their own gaskets to size.

Foam gaskets range from soft to firm. The solid grade of the sponge gasket material is comparable to the soft grade of the solid gasket material. The material of silicone sponge gasket is closed cell, called expanded silicone rubber. Manufacturers offer closed-cell or open-cell foam gasket material. Open cell gaskets are effective as dust resistant gaskets.

Companies often use injection molded silicone gaskets in situations where the gasket needs to be immersed in a liquid, such as water. Typically, manufacturers use injection molded gasket sealer tankers for foods, such as milk, molasses or syrup carriers. Silicone material gaskets are normally stable under extreme temperatures, such as -100°F (-73°C) to 500°F (260°C), making them excellent choices for container shipping and food processing .

Some applications require special silicone gaskets. Silicone material that contains metal is often used to create electrical conductivity. Conversely, silicone mixed with other materials, such as ceramic powders, can be used to dissipate heat in electronic devices without creating electrical conductivity. These are examples of the versatility of silicone. Fluorosilicone is resistant to chemicals, oils and gases.

Other qualities offered by silicone include resistance to aging and fatigue, the ability to resist sun and ozone degradation, and permanent compressive strength. Gel-based silicones conform to surfaces and some electronics manufacturers use them as thermal interface gaskets. Its flame retardant ability makes it useful in many applications including diagnostic equipment. Burning silicone is normally non-toxic and the ash retains its electrical insulating capacity.

Typically, companies use food grade silicone gaskets in water purification and filtration gaskets, oven and refrigeration gaskets, and food manufacturing applications, such as ice cream making equipment, cheese making equipment, and beverage vats. Other uses of gaskets include outdoor electrical appliances due to its insulating ability. Buyers can order silicone gaskets in various colors which is an advantage over natural rubber. Color coded gaskets also help people use the correct gasket in the right place.

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