Types of solar energy products?

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Solar energy technology has led to a growing range of gadgets and tools, from outdoor lighting to solar-powered pool heating discs and emergency power kits. Solar panels can replace traditional electrical systems, providing clean, renewable energy and reducing utility bills. The potential for solar energy is vast, with the possibility of entire cities running on cheap, clean energy from the sun.

The advent of solar energy technology has led to all kinds of new gadgets and tools that run on clean, renewable energy from the sun. While many solar-powered products are novelty products, the energy source is rapidly growing in popularity as more people turn to renewable energy sources. From outdoor lamps to solar powered visors, the world of solar powered items seems to be growing every day.

Heating a swimming pool can significantly increase household energy bills, although an unheated pool can be nearly unusable in colder climates. To keep your bills down by keeping your pool at tropical temperatures, consider solar-powered pool heating discs. The discs float on the surface of the pool, absorbing the sun’s energy and transferring it to the water. Manufacturers recommend that discs cover at least one third of the water surface for best results.

Some solar-powered products can become essential items in any emergency power kit. Radios that run on solar power can allow people to keep up with current news and announcements in the event of power outages or natural disasters. Solar-powered battery charges can also help keep essential electronics running if power is unavailable. Torches and lanterns are great for emergency kits, but they can also be a good choice for hikers and backpackers looking to avoid the extra weight of batteries.

A rapidly growing sector of solar energy is outdoor lighting supplies. Lanterns, fake candles and even tiki torches are available in the form of solar energy. These lights draw energy during the day and start glowing when the sun goes down. Not only do outdoor solar-powered products reduce energy costs, they also reduce pollution by eliminating the need for light bulbs.

Of course, not all solar-powered products are simply accessories to a home; Solar panels and generators can replace a traditional electrical system and provide enough power to run an entire home. Typically installed on a roof, solar panels provide homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy which results in much less expensive utility bills. For people with solar panels that produce more power than they need, check with local authorities about selling excess power to power companies.

Many experts consider current solar energy products to be just the tip of the iceberg regarding potential applications of solar energy. In addition to making solar radio for parasols possible, solar-powered technology could soon allow entire cities to run on cheap, clean energy from the sun. Meanwhile, using solar energy products can reduce waste and electricity bills.

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