Types of surfboards?

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Different types of surfboards include the Egg, Fish, Gun, longboard, Mini Mal, and shortboard. The Egg and Mini Mal are “fun boards” for beginners, while the Fish is popular for smaller waves and the Gun is used for big waves. The longboard is named after its popularity in Malibu, and the shortboard is the most versatile and popular.

There are many different types of surfboards to choose from, each with its own advantages, disadvantages and purposes.
The Egg is a small hybrid board less than 6 feet long (about 1.83 meters). This board has a round tail shape and a rounded longboard profile.

The Egg surfboard is used in smaller waves and is typically ridden with any fin configuration. Unlike boards designed for tricks and high performance, the Egg is often called a “fun board”, because it is designed primarily for having fun on the waves. Therefore, it is generally the best choice for beginners.

Another type of surfboard is the Fish. The fish, first created by Skip Frye in the 1970s, is shorter than the egg. It is a popular choice for surfing smaller waves and is usually set up with a swallowtail shape and a double fin. Unlike some surfboards, the Fish was very popular in the early 21st century due to its use by superstar surfer Tom Curren.

The Gun is another type of surfboard and ranges from 7 to 12 feet (about 2.13 to 3.66 meters) in length. It has a Thruster or Single configuration with a very slim silhouette. It looks very similar to a shortboard, but has the length of a longboard. This surfboard is typically used in areas known for big waves, such as the Mavericks and Waimea Bay.

The longboard, which is often referred to as a “Mal,” is another of several types of surfboards. It is mostly single finned and has a large rounded nose. It is typically 9 to 12 feet (about 2.74 to 3.66 meters) long. It gets its name because it is one of the most popular types used in Malibu.

Another type is the Mini Mal, also sometimes referred to as a “fun board”. This surfboard is similar to the longboard, but is only seven to nine feet (about 2.13 to 2.74 meters) long. This allows it to be much more manoeuvrable and can be set up with a three fin thruster or a single fin thruster.

The shortboard is the most versatile and, therefore, the most popular of the smaller surfboards. It has a pointed nose and smaller size than other boards. It is typically fitted with three or five fins with a Bronzer or Thruster style.

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