Types of wedding favors?

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Wedding favors don’t have to be limited to traditional options like Jordan almonds or birdseed. Couples can get creative with edible favors in unique containers or opt for more durable options like scented candles or wine. Personalization and DIY options can also save money.

When people think of party favors, colorful or white Jordan almonds or perhaps mesh birdseed may come to mind. While these are classic wedding favors — and there’s nothing wrong with a classic — they’re by no means the only choices for wedding favors. In fact, newlyweds have gotten more and more creative with wedding favors and there are plenty to choose from that will express your unique personality as a couple.

There are any number of edible party favors and any number of gorgeous containers for an edible favor. Instead of mesh, you can use clear boxes, small jars, mini china boxes, or a variety of other containers. Some couples choose to have their names engraved on the container of edible favors. The problem with these wedding favors for some couples is that they won’t last long. If you fill a wedding favor with delicious chocolate, M&Ms®, candy hearts, or other choices, chances are your guests will appreciate them pretty quickly.

Many couples, on the other hand, prefer to opt for slightly more durable wedding favors. A popular modern choice is a scented candle in a small tin with the bride and groom’s names or initials on the lid. Another good choice is a nice glass of wine that your guests can take home and enjoy year-round. Some couples like to have magnets made, which can be useful and lovely reminders of a couple’s wedding. Instead of bird seed, a couple might give a packet of wildflower seeds that can be planted and thus symbolize growing love in a marriage.

One of the classic wedding favors is a place card framed in a silver frame. If you have a seating arrangement at your wedding, any guest can then take these frames home. You can even send a small photo from your wedding day afterwards to fit the frame – a perfect accompaniment to thanking your gifts. Another popular choice are coasters printed with the couple’s names.

If money is tight, you can still provide creative and adorable party favors for your guests. For example, you can bulk buy small bells that can be rung when the bride and groom approach a table or share a kiss. Personalize them by attaching a small romantic poem, a small thank you for participating or simply a wedding ribbon with the name of the bride and groom. Doing your own favors can be a great way to save money, but keep these little gifts for your guests personal and lovely.

Other cheap wedding favors can be ordered in bulk. Purchase small jars with lids and fill them with dried lavender or potpourri. If you don’t want to order them with print, one or both of the couple members can paint their names on the jars with gold or silver paint. You can also order small candles in glass containers and write or paint your names on them with suitable decorations.

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