Types of Yo-Yos?

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Yo-yos come in various shapes and materials, with plastic being the most common. The Classical and butterfly shapes are the most popular, while modified yo-yos combine features of both. Axle types include fixed, gear shaft, ball bearing, and clutch. Weight and price vary, with metal and handcrafted yo-yos being more expensive.

Yo-yos come in a variety of shapes, designs and materials. With so many options available, it’s hard to decide which is best for each individual. The most obvious difference between these toys is their shape. The Classical shape, also called Imperial, consists of two semicircles with flat sides facing each other. The butterfly or wing looks like a classic inverted, with the rounded part facing inward.

Modified yo-yos are modern variants that combine features of both of the above models. This type is the perfect choice for Rocking-the-Cradle and loop style tricks. People who are looking to buy just one type of yo-yo may find that the modified model is the best choice.

Most yo-yos are made from plastic, because it is both inexpensive and highly resistant to impact or other damage. Plastic also offers the most options for colors and designs. Wood is the original material of the yo-yo and is still widely used, especially in vintage and collectible items, such as those made from maple. Aluminum models are also available, but are generally expensive and more difficult to use, and are not recommended for beginners.

The piece that connects the two halves of a yo-yo is known as the axle. There are several types of axles, but the most common is a fixed axle. Fixed axle toys are usually made from a single piece of wood, so there are no rotating parts.
Gear shaft and ball bearing yo-yos have a simple sleeve or one with metal parts inside to make them spin faster and better. For starters, clutch axles are the best choice. They use centrifugal force to come back up after rotation.

There are basically no differences when it comes to the string used in a yo-yo, although one that is partly polyester usually doesn’t wear out as quickly.
Weight is a consideration when choosing a toy, as it has an influence on performance. Most yo-yos are mid-range (45-50 grams or 1.6-1.8 ounces), but buyers can find models ranging in weight from super light (30-40 grams or 1.1-1.4 ounces) to heavy (60 -70 grams or 2.1-2.5 ounces). When it comes to price, mass-produced yo-yos are relatively cheap and can be purchased at almost any store that sells toys. Metal ones and those that are handcrafted, painted, or carved can cost quite a bit of money and are often only available in specialty stores.

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