What are Amigurumi?

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Amigurumi patterns are for crocheting or knitting dolls or toys purely for fun. They consist of three parts and are stuffed with various materials. The craft originated in Japan and most patterns are pictorially printed. Animals are the most common shapes, but anything is fair game. The basic structure is made up of spirals and single crochet stitches. Amigurumi patterns are a good choice for those learning to crochet or knit. They can be found in bookstores or online.

Many crochet and knit patterns can be used to make something wearable or functional, but amigurumi patterns are purely for fun. Amigurumi are crocheted or knitted dolls or toys. Initially, amigurumi patterns were just for crochet, but knitters were quick to adapt the patterns for their own use.
The finished toy or doll can be stuffed with a variety of materials such as fibers, plastic pellets, or rice. Some artisans choose the filling carefully because beans and rice can attract unwanted insects. Also, depending on the crochet or knit tension, smaller sized battings may be more prone to falling out.

Usually, the model consists of three parts, the body, the appendages and the head. The individual pieces are then stitched together.

The amigurumi craft originated in Japan and many of the patterns for crocheting in the round are pictorially printed, listing what needs to be done per row. Not having a clear pattern can make it a little difficult and confusing at first for crafters used to other types of crochet patterns. Eventually, however, they can figure it out and sometimes even enjoy Japanese amigurumi painting patterns.

Most often amigurumi patterns outline how to make animal shapes, such as a frog, cat, teddy bear, cow or rabbit. While animals feature in most amigurumi patterns, anything is fair game. The craft has expanded so much in recent years that enamored crafters have expanded the basic amigurumi patterns to include a wide variety of other things, including inanimate objects and people.

Typically, amigurumi animals or people have large heads and short limbs, both of which are disproportionate to their bodies. The basic structure is made up entirely of spirals, and the finished products have a rather roly-poly feel.
There are a few points to keep in mind when working with amigurumi patterns. Amigurumi dolls and toys typically start with a couple of stitches, usually in a technique called a magic loop. From there, as the number of stitches increases in a circular spiral pattern, the stitches are always single crochet. Single crochet is one of the most basic stitches, which makes amigurumi patterns a good choice for those just learning to crochet. Almost everyone can knit amigurumi right from the start.

Many amigurumi patterns can be found in bookstores or through a simple online search.

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