What are drawing boards? (29 characters)

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Drafting tables are desks used for drawing and other work that requires more space than a typical desk. They can tilt and are popular among artists, designers, and architects. They come in different styles and designs, with built-in rulers and trays, and can be paired with drafting chairs for comfort.

Drafting tables, originally known in many regions as “drawing” tables, are elaborate desks used for many purposes, including cartography or the art of map drawing. They still serve a variety of functions, but are commonly associated with an architect drawing up a design. While these tables are perfect surfaces for this type of work or any other work that requires more space than a typical desk, they also offer other valuable features.

The ability to tilt a drawing board and work from different angles makes it a popular choice for many different types of artists. Commercial artists, advertising layout specialists, and many types of designers can all benefit from using one. Any work that requires long periods of drawing, sketching or reading is best done on this type of table. One is also useful for crafts and other art projects.

Not only is the person doing the work able to see it from different angles when using this type of table, but they are also able to avoid a slouched, head-down position, which can cause neck and back pain, especially consecutive hours. Many tables can tilt up to 45 degrees. The knobs and wheels are generally easy to access, as well as simple to adjust to the perfect angle.

Drafting tables come in many different styles and designs, from very basic to elaborate, portable to stationary. They can be contemporary or very traditional, and antique ones are often used as decor and art pieces as much as they are for function. The surfaces of the countertops come in a variety of materials, from glass and wood to plastic and metal.

Some styles also offer built-in rulers along the edges and trays to keep writing utensils in place. Others offer internal lighting and are useful for tracking. Miniature versions for younger artists are also available. Drafting chairs are also available to ensure overall comfort. Because a drafting table is adjusted to different heights and angles, a drafting chair can be raised or lowered to achieve the correct height and most comfortable reach.

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