What are Lug soles?

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Lug soles are thick, rubber or PVC outsoles with deep indentations for stability and traction, commonly found on heavy utility boots. They can be messy to clean but offer increased stability. Comfort and additional features should be considered when choosing a work boot.

Lug soles are a type of outsole found on heavy, utility shoes such as hiking boots or work boots. They are thick and designed with deep indentations to improve stability and traction. The pattern of these soles varies to include V-shaped and diamond-shaped indentations. They are most frequently found on boots, including fishing, hunting, logging, hiking, and work boots.

Most lug soles are rubber, some may be injected PVC and are generally slightly wider than the perimeter of the shoe. While they offer better traction and stability and may be ideal for hunting, fishing or work boots, it can be difficult to find the right combination of additional features. That said, lug soles are often one of the best types of outsoles for shoes or boots.

While boots with this type of sole may feel heavy, other types of soles, such as midsole soles, often feel heavier. A disadvantage of both sole types is the tendency for mud to accumulate in deep indentations. They can be messy and difficult to clean, but that’s a small price to pay for increased traction and stability. If your work situation calls for oil resistant soles, you can find lug sole work boots, as well as other types, that offer this feature.

Several manufacturers, including Chippewa, Red Wing, and Rocky, offer utility shoes with lug soles and a variety of other outsoles. The best way to find a boot with the right features for your needs is to try them on. Comfort is the number one factor in determining an appropriate work boot.

Before you start buying utility shoes, determine the features you need in your boot, including waterproofing, insulation, and safety features like steel toe and slip resistance. There are different models from many manufacturers offering variety of features and prices. To get the most out of your shoe, be sure to check the stitching and insole as well as the comfort and features.

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