What are Molecular Foods? (28 characters)

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Molecular foods are natural foods grown from intentionally engineered seeds to resist crop damage, enhance flavor, and increase yield. They can resist weather conditions and plant diseases, retain color, and have stronger taste and aroma. The term may also refer to alternative cooking methods.

Molecular foods are generally considered to be any type of natural food that has been grown from seeds that have undergone an intentional molecular engineering process. Often, the seeds are altered so that the resulting plant is less susceptible to a number of factors that could harm the crop. Molecular foods can also be modified to enhance the flavor of a particular product, or simply as a means of ensuring a healthy crop with a high yield.

Most of the procedures used to alter food have to do with making the plant tougher. Engineered foods will be more resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as a drought or excessive amounts of sun exposure. Molecular foods may also be able to resist mildew, downy mildew and other plant diseases that can cause a crop to fail. There are also examples of tainted foods that are specifically designed to resist an infestation from a wide variety of insects.

There are also examples of molecular food products that are infused with a stronger flavor or aroma than similar varieties. The enhanced taste and odor are often desirable for use with frozen or canned vegetables, as they will tend to retain more of the taste after the cooking process. Molecular foods can also be designed to retain more color during cooking. In this case, the presentation of the dish will be not only tasty, but also appealing to the eye.

In some industries, the term molecular food has been used to refer to the method of preparing food, rather than the food itself. For example, if an alternative to traditional cooking methods is used, such as the use of fusion cooking, the resulting dishes can be understood as molecular foods. However, most culinary experts tend to think of molecular foods as genetically modified foods, rather than foods that are prepared nontraditionally.

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