What are sport specs?

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Sports eyewear is essential for high-risk sports, with shatterproof frames and lenses to protect the eyes. Polycarbonate lenses are common, and frames can be made from various materials. Goggles are also used in some sports, with removable mudguards and elastic straps. Interchangeable lenses can improve visibility and block UV rays, wind, and debris.

Many sports today are high enough risk that protective gear is necessary, so sports eyewear has become quite common in the athletic world. Sports eyewear consists of frames and lenses that are designed to be shatterproof and to take impact that would otherwise affect the eyes or surrounding area. Other types of sports eyewear are prescription eyewear for people who wear glasses regularly. These eyeglasses are also shatterproof and, in some cases, fog resistant. They are often fixed to the head by a band of elastic material and the lenses can be changed as the prescription strength changes.

Protective sports eyewear often comes with polycarbonate lenses, which are shatterproof and more scratch-resistant than some plastics and glass. The unbreakable quality is crucial, especially in racket sports where a direct impact on the eyes is possible. Frames can be made from a variety of materials, from plastic to carbon fiber. The more resistant to shattering, the better, as bits of material can lodge in the eyes on impact. The arms that rest over the ears are often made from a kind of rubber that keeps the glasses from moving too much during athletic activity.

Goggles are another form of sports eyewear meant for certain sports where high winds or debris can be a factor. Ski goggles are perhaps the most common goggle on the market, but motocross riders also commonly wear goggles as a choice for sports eyewear. Many goggles feature mudguards that can be removed from the face of the goggles to give the user a clear view after being splashed with mud and debris. The goggles are thickly padded to provide comfort around the face and the strap is elastic so it can be worn over a helmet and around the bare head.

Cyclists and runners wear sports eyewear for more than just protection. Sports eyewear often comes with interchangeable lenses that can block the sun’s UV rays or even improve visibility in low light conditions. They will further help block the wind when cyclists or runners reach higher speeds. This will help maintain visibility and keep your eyes from watering when hit by the wind. Mountain bikers will use goggles to protect their eyes from stray branches, debris, and wind as well. The goggles in these cases are often ergonomically and aerodynamically designed to fit well and keep glare and wind from hitting the eyes.

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