What are Surrey bikes?

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Surrey Cycles are four-wheeled bicycles with one or two steering wheels and two or four seats. They are popular in tourist destinations and have become an alternative mode of transportation. The International Surrey Company manufactures them in Texas, and they now come in various designs, including trikes and two-wheeled bikes.

In the world of bicycles, countless variations on the two-wheeled variety have hit the market over the decades. Perhaps one of the most notable varieties is the Surrey Cycles four-wheeled bicycle, a pedal-powered passenger transport vehicle popular on beaches and tourist destinations. While the term surrey originally referred to a horse-drawn vehicle, the term was also applied to the four-seat bicycle.

Surrey four-wheelers typically have one or two steering wheels at the front of the bike, and two or four seats to accommodate up to four adults. A set of pedals sits under each seat, allowing all four passengers to pedal forward, which is important, because the Surrey Cycles four-wheeler is much heavier than a typical bike and therefore requires more pedaling force to get it moving. Four-wheeled Surrey Cycles are often called quads and weigh around two hundred pounds (90 kilograms) without passengers.

While Surrey Cycles’ origins can be traced to Europe, especially France and Italy, they have become a common presence in the United States since the 1970s. The International Surrey Company today manufactures Surrey Cycles out of Texas, and has expanded the line of options from just ATVs to trikes and even regular two-wheeled bikes. Lesser quality imitation designs are also common, with many of these impostors being imported from China as a cheaper alternative to the higher quality Surrey bikes.

Surrey Cycles is popular in tourist destinations, particularly beaches and smaller, tourist-focused communities that allow for easy commuting by bike. In a larger setting, Surrey Cycles are popular at Disney World and other large theme parks. Because they are designed for comfort, most models now feature an awning to block excessive exposure to sun or rain. Most Surrey cycles are of a single speed design, but a new seven speed design was recently developed.

While the original Surrey bikes were designed for leisure, they are taking on a new role as an alternative mode of transportation to the automobile. Big improvements in the design and comfort level of ATVs have made them a slightly more popular option in urban areas, although their presence is still somewhat rare. Many ATVs have either disc or drum brakes, and all are chain machines, just like a regular bicycle. In addition, models featuring a two-seat layout and a six-seat layout have been developed as alternatives to the traditional four-seat layout.

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