What is Hijood?

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The Hijood is a sportswear item designed by Ahiida Sportswear for Muslim women to maintain modesty while being active. It is a hood that fits snugly around the face and chin, with a pocket in the back for hair. The Hijood is an important design feature for Muslim athletes who have been mocked for their sportswear.

A Hijood is an item of sportswear for Muslim women designed to help them conform to Muslim modesty standards while remaining active and maintaining their comfort and range of motion. Hijoods are produced by Ahiida Sportswear, an Australian company specializing in sportswear for Muslim women, including the Burqini. The name is a portmanteau of “Hijab” and “hood”.

Many Muslim women practice the hijab, the Muslim tradition of covering the body according to the teachings of the Koran. In public, modest Muslim women cover their entire bodies, with the exception of their hands, feet, and face. The details of the Hijab vary around the world and depend on the personal beliefs of the wearer, but many women wear at the very least a modest headscarf, also called a Hijab. The hijab may seem confusing or strange to some non-Muslims, but it is an important part of religious faith for many Muslims.

Aheda Zanetti, developer of the Hijood, realized that Muslim women needed a version of the Hijab to wear during sports that kept their hair covered while still allowing them to move freely. She developed a hood that fits snugly around the face and chin, with a pocket in the back for a woman to tuck her hair into. While wearing the Hijood, women can participate in a number of active sports without worrying that their hair may be showing.

The Hijood made worldwide headlines in 2006 when Burqini was released to great fanfare among Muslim women. The Hijood does not interfere with a woman’s ability to play sports and stays securely on the head so that the wearer can concentrate on the task at hand, rather than worrying about her modesty. The Hijood is an integral part of the Burqini, ensuring the wearer’s head is covered, and can also be used with other sports clothing.

Muslim female athletes have often struggled with the conflict between their religious beliefs and sportswear norms. Garments such as the Hijood allow them to participate in competitive sports while respecting the tenets of their faith. Ahiida also places a strong emphasis on high-quality fabrics and elegant cuts, ensuring that the wearer looks and feels good. As some Muslim athletes have been mocked or teased for their sportswear, this is an important design feature.

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