What % of global defense spending is the US budget?

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The US military budget is almost half of the world’s defense spending, with the Department of Defense’s budget exceeding $500 billion in 2010. The US Army receives the most funding, followed by the Navy and Air Force. The US military budget is more than double China’s entire military budget.

The US military budget accounts for nearly half of all global defense spending. The basic budget for the Department of Defense in 2010 was more than 500 billion US dollars (USD), not counting overseas spending and emergency expenses. The U.S. Army gets the largest percentage of that money, about $250 billion annually, followed by the Navy and Air Force, each getting more than $150 billion annually. With these figures, the US military alone spends more than double China’s entire military budget.

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The United States spent more on defense in 2009 than on Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare.
The combined total military budgets of the six top-spending countries — China, France, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan — still don’t add up to the US military budget. In fact, their combined budgets amount to just over half of the United States’ annual military budget.
Global military spending has risen steadily since the mid-1990s and increased by nearly $600 billion from 1996 to 2009.

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