What to consider when buying a bike jersey?

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When buying a bike jersey, consider functionality, comfort, and durability. Determine whether it will be worn in warm or cold weather and choose a material that allows for air circulation and moisture-wicking. Look for a snug fit and durable construction.

Buying a jersey to wear to ride a bike is a little different than buying other types of shirts. Functionality, comfort, and durability are all part of the selection process when it comes to wading through the many different bike jerseys on the market today. Here are some points to keep in mind when buying a bike jersey.
Functionality is key when it comes to buying a cycling jersey. One of the first things to determine is whether the bike jersey will be worn primarily in warm or cold weather. In addition to helping determine whether your jersey should include long or short sleeves, the climate will also influence the type of material needed to provide the best protection. Heavier blends will work better in cooler weather, while lighter blends will be more appropriate for warmer climates.

Either way, the shirt shouldn’t be a bulky garment. When shopping for a bike jersey, make sure you buy one that is snug, but not too snug. Part of this is that many jerseys feature pockets on the back, which are great for carrying small items. A loose mesh allows you to move the contents of the pockets. This can be not only irritating, but increases the chances of the contents falling out during the bike ride.

When it comes to comfort, weather is also a factor. Warm weather bicycle jerseys should be made from a material that will accomplish two things. First, the material must allow the body to breathe easily by allowing for plenty of air circulation. Second, the material should be one that will help wick moisture away from your skin. Cycling in hot weather means a lot of sweating. By moving sweat away from the skin’s surface, it’s easier to maintain a feeling of comfort, even during the exertion of a bike ride.

Likewise, the material that wicks moisture away from the skin in cold weather also helps keep the rider warm and comfortable, rather than cold and clammy. Buying a weather-appropriate bike jersey will make a huge difference to your riding experience.

Durability is also an important factor when buying a bike jersey. The thing is, sportswear in general doesn’t come cheap. A bike jersey is no exception. Look for clues about the construction of the shirt, such as the blend of fibers, stitching and washing instructions. Durable garments that are stitched tightly and can be washed in the normal cycle, are resistant to fading and do not shrink are the ideal options when buying a cycling jersey.

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