What to consider when buying a remote helicopter?

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Remote controlled helicopters are a fun hobby for all ages, with cheaper models being less durable but easier to replace. Hobby-grade models can cost $300 or more and use gasoline for longer flight times. Coaxial models are the easiest to learn, while fixed pitch and collective pitch models are more difficult. Cheaper models are good for beginners, with more advanced models available later.

Owning a remote controlled helicopter, or RC helicopter, can be one of the hobe of the most fun diversions for young and old. Indications are that they have even become more popular than remote controlled aircraft. Plus, unlike many other types of toys, it can also help teach coordination and even some flying principles. However, radio-controlled helicopters are also very technical equipment and the purchase must be carefully evaluated for those who want a product that lasts over time.

There are different types of remote control helicopter models. The first thing to consider is how much you are willing to spend. The cheaper you go, the less durable the craft will be and the less likely you are to find replacement parts. These low-end toy helicopter models are capable of flying and entertaining, but are relatively fragile. However, their low cost makes them easy to replace. This type of toy is usually a very small version, often referred to as a micro helicopter or mini helicopter.

Those who really want to spend a lot of time with their remote controlled helicopter should consider one as a hobby. This will likely involve a fair amount of money, often $300 US Dollars (USD) or more. However, for those who want the ultimate flying experience, these remote controlled model helicopters offer just that.

Another thing to consider is the power source. Most low-end RC helicopters are powered by electricity. There is usually a battery pack on board the helicopter. While they can provide good power for shorter flights, they tend to use up energy very quickly. Most remote control electric helicopters will only get five to ten minutes per charge. Gasoline will provide more flight time and faster refueling times, but models that use gasoline are more expensive.

For those just getting into the hobby, the most common form of remote controlled helicopter is the coaxial car. This machine will have two main rotors, which are the rotors on top of the helicopter and usually no tail rotor. The rotors actually spin in opposite directions from each other, leading to increased stability.

Other types of remote controlled helicopters include the fixed pitch, which have the traditional main rotor and tail rotor layout. The other main type of remote controlled helicopter also looks similar, the collective pitch models. The easiest model to learn is the coaxial model. Collective pitch machines are the most difficult.
For those just starting out or those with very young children, it may be best to buy one of the cheaper models available in toy stores and the toy sections of major retailers. These machines will often provide a good foundation and experience to see how far you want to take the hobby. More sophisticated remote-controlled helicopter models can always be purchased later.

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