What’re axle blocks?

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Axle blocks are used to adjust the ride height of a vehicle with a leaf spring suspension. They are placed between the spring and the axle and held in place with U-bolts. They can only be used on the rear axle and are prohibited on the front axle of four-wheel drive trucks due to safety concerns.

Axle blocks are devices used to raise or lower a vehicle equipped with a leaf spring suspension. Positioned between the spring and the axle, the axle blocks are held in place by the use of two U-bolts per side. Typically made of aluminum or a very hard plastic and nylon material, the amount of lift or drop the axle blocks provide is relative to the actual size of the blocks. The use of blocks to alter a vehicle’s ride height is restricted to the rear axle only and should not be used on the front axle for any reason. Most blocks are machined on the axle side, however some block kits include a machined block to correct or maintain sprocket angle on the rear axle.

A relatively easy vehicle customization trick is to alter the ride height of the vehicle. While this can become quite a complex procedure with a coil spring suspension system, the use of axle blocks makes the modification very simple to a leaf spring style suspension. The ability to raise or lower the vehicle by installing axle blocks is defined by the location of the axle to the spring. An axle mounted on top of the spring can be lowered by adding axle blocks, while an axle mounted below the spring can be raised by installing a block kit.

Two types of vehicles that rely heavily on the use of axle blocks to provide the desired vehicle position are the low mobility driver and the four wheel drive truck. For the most part, the use of the blocks in a low-rider application is limited to the rear axle, since most vehicles do not use a leaf spring on their front suspension. This makes lowered coil springs and modified spring hangers a requirement for the lowered vehicle’s front suspension. Four-wheel drive trucks provide a different set of requirements, even though many lifted and lifted trucks include leaf spring front suspension systems.

On four-wheel drive trucks that use axle blocks to raise the rear suspension ride height, the use of the blocks is prohibited on the front springs. This is due to security concerns centered around the leverage of the axis blocks. This setup would allow the front steering shaft to separate from the leaf springs. These vehicles rely on re-cambered leaf springs in the front, as well as relocated mounting points or shackles, a type of lifting mechanism for the spring, on the front springs.

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