What’re crystal figurines?

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Crystal figurines made from quartz are popular decorative art pieces, often shaped like animals, flowers, or objects. Swarovski and Waterford are famous manufacturers. They reflect light brilliantly and can be displayed in collections or on shelves.

Crystal figurines are small pieces of decorative art made from quartz crystal. Many people collect assorted crystal figurines to display in their homes. Some of these figurines are sold with a certificate of authenticity. A crystal figurine can be in the shape of an animal, flower, or other object such as an airplane or Christmas tree.
Christmas themed crystal figurines include snowmen made of two or three round sparkling pieces with accent features. Crystal animal figurines are popular collectables and include a wide variety of animals and styles. For example, some are a more realistic likeness of an animal like a crystal crocodile with detailed features, while others are more whimsical in design like a crystal teddy bear wearing a party hat.

Crystal animal figurines can include different animals such as three crystal kittens in a sparkling crystal basket. Popular animal shapes in crystal figurines include bears, rabbits, squirrels, horses, birds, and mice. A crystal figurine can also be shaped like an insect such as a butterfly, bee, ant, or dragonfly.

Flower figurines are also popular crystal collectibles. Single rose figurines in light shades of colored crystal can look quite elegant with long stems made from green crystal. Marine themed crystal collectibles include lighthouses, dolphins and seals. Some crystal figurines have nothing to do with nature but are instead images of objects such as a piano or a train. A crystal figurine may include other materials, such as a clear crystal bird figure with sterling silver feet.

The cut crystal brilliantly reflects light, thanks to the prisms created by its lead content. In 1892, Austrian Daniel Swarvoski invented a crystal cutting machine and four generations of Swarvoskis have created beautiful crystal pieces. Swarvoski crystal figurines are popular collector’s items today, and the company also produces a wide range of crystal jewelry and beads.

In 2008, Swarvoski introduced a new collection of crystal figurines based on The Disney Company’s Bambi® characters. In addition to Bambi® the deer, the collection features Flower® the skunk and Thumper® the rabbit. Waterford is another famous manufacturer of crystal figurines. They also make crystal glassware and tableware. A popular Waterford crystal figurine is an elegant bride and groom piece that can be given as a wedding gift.

Crystal figurines are commonly displayed in collections in a cabinet of curiosities. They can also be placed on a mantelpiece or glass shelves. Some people like to display crystal figurines on mirrors to further enhance their reflection and shine.

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