What’re speed skates?

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Speed skates are designed to go as fast as possible on a smooth, flat surface for racing. They sacrifice agility and precision for speed, with a long blade or wheels for a smoother ride and more traction. They are not for everyday use and do not have brakes.

Speed ​​skates are ice skates, or sometimes inline skates, specifically designed to go as fast as possible on a smooth, flat surface. Used in racing, speed skates sacrifice agility and precision for speed over a relatively long distance. Featuring a very long blade or set of wheels, speed skates are easily distinguishable from other types of skates, especially when moving at top speed!

Skaters who want to go very fast wear speed skates. Unlike regular skates, which strike a balance between stability, maneuverability, turning and stopping, speed skates just need to go as fast as possible over a long, even path. Speed ​​skates are certainly not for everyday use, but they are specialized tools for their own purpose.

Speed ​​skates have a very long blade, or in the case of inline skates, three or four wheels. The long running surface of the speed skate distributes the skater’s weight over a larger area. This makes for a smoother ride and also gives the skater more traction in high speed turns.

Inline speed skates have larger wheels than those commonly used for hockey skates, street skates, or recreational inline skates. Bigger wheels offer more grip and also reduce friction on the bearings. Not only is bearing friction reduced, but inline speed skates also tend to use the fastest, smoothest bearings available.

Speed ​​skates are used most often for racing. These speed skating competitions are usually held on an oval track of various sizes. Speed ​​skaters make a varying number of laps around the rink depending on the length of the race.
Speed ​​skates are perfect for this type of skating. Their long blade or wheelbase allows skaters to reach high speeds in straights and maintain control while spinning at high speeds. Many careless or unlucky speed skaters have lost a race by losing cornering traction and crashing.

One thing you won’t see on speed skates is a brake. Because speed skates are used on a controlled course or track, skaters have plenty of time to slow down after the race. A brake could get in the way during the race or add unnecessary weight or wind resistance. Since speed skates are built to cruise as fast as possible, a brake is simply a liability. This is also one of the main reasons why speed skates are less than ideal for purposes other than racing.
Whether you’re a runner, or just feel the need for speed, speed skates are a specialized tool for skaters who just want to go fast. If stopping isn’t your thing and you love the feel of the wind in your face, you might want to strap on a pair of speed skates and try your luck on the rink.

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