What’re swim shirts?

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Swim shirts provide protection from harmful UV rays and are available in long and short sleeve designs. They can be found at beach shops, sporting goods stores, and online. They are durable and come in designs for men, women, and kids.

To understand the concept of a swimsuit, it’s important to think in terms of both protection and style. As people have become more aware that excessive sunlight exposure can be harmful, a need has emerged for swimwear that helps block much of the UV rays. UV rays are the ones that can cause so much damage to the skin.

Designed to allow the wearer to enjoy the beach while staying protected, swim shirts can provide great protection. Some brands have a sun protection rating of up to 150, and wearers of one are less likely to get sunburned in the areas it covers. This can greatly reduce the chance of the person suffering from sun-related skin problems later in life.

One of the most popular types of swim shirts is the surf shirt. Surf shirts are typically found in long sleeve designs that also provide neck coverage similar to a turtleneck style. In addition to providing excellent protection from the reflection of the sun’s rays off the water, shirts of this type are snug while still allowing for easy movement while in the water. Some styles are made to be worn like a T-shirt, while others have a zipper up the front. Matching swim shorts are also available, and the tops and bottoms are often sold as a matching set.

For general beach wear, swim shirts also come in short sleeve designs. Providing the same level of protection as their long sleeve counterparts, these are also a firm favorite with athletes and weightlifters alike, as the fitted design is often a good option for working out.

Buying swim shirts is relatively easy for anyone who lives near a lake or large body of water. The beach shops stock a good selection of T-shirts and shorts, with designs to suit almost every taste. For people who don’t live near water, these shirts can often be found at sporting goods stores and in the sports department of some discount stores. Many online stores offer a large selection, often with price tags comparable to a retail outlet.

Swim T-Shirts are made to fit anyone, with designs for men, women and kids. While they are more expensive than some forms of beachwear, they hold up very well and typically last for several seasons. Between the protective properties, effortless style, and durable wear, it’s no wonder these tops have gotten a little more popular every year.

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