What’re walking shoes?

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Walking shoes provide support for exercise or daily use. Athletic shoes are better suited for increased activity. Walking shoes have special features like front lacing, cushioning, arch support, and rubber soles. Roll cages and gel pads are additional features. Proper fit is important and mom and pop stores may provide better service. Consider toe box, weight, and arch support. Good quality walking shoes cost $60-150 USD and can prevent foot injuries.

Walking shoes are shoes built to support the foot while walking for exercise, long distances, or just an occasional walk, as determined by the occasion. Sometimes people more loosely define walking shoes as just comfortable shoes designed to be worn on a regular basis. There is usually a greater distinction between comfortable shoes and walking shoes, and athletic-type shoes are more suited to increased activity.

Athletic-style shoes, which many simply refer to as tennis shoes, often come in three basic shapes designed for cross-training, running, and walking. While any of these shoes can provide a comfortable fit and adequate support, walking shoes may have special features that best support the foot during walking for exercise. These features can vary but tend to include the following:
Front lacing
Notched back where the heel meets the shoe
Cushioning or pads inside the shoe
Arch support
Rubber sole

Some walking shoes have additional features that you may want to look for. Some have what is called a roll cage towards the back of the shoe. This feature is not visible from the outside but promotes greater stability when the foot touches the ground. If you have weaker ankles or have a habit of twisting your ankles when you walk, a roll cage can help you avoid painful ankle twisting. Another common addition in the modern walking shoe is gel pads, which provide extra cushioning to your feet as you walk.

There are important considerations to make when choosing walking shoes. It is recommended that you take some time to do this and get fit at a good sneaker shop. These may not always be the stores you find in the mall that have athletic sounding names. Instead, mom and pop stores can do a better job of providing you with a proper fit. Look for stores that advertise items in a wide variety of lengths and widths, as employees may be more sensitive about fitting shoes correctly on the foot.

When using a shoe for daily walking, it’s important to make sure the fit is excellent, and there are a few other things you should consider. A wider, taller toe box can help avoid problems with your toes. You may need shoes that are built to carry heavier weights or that can protect your feet when walking on different surfaces like concrete. The arch of the foot is also important when choosing walking shoes, as some will have higher arches than are comfortable. This is a good thing to discuss at the shoe store, if you have had foot problems of any kind in the past, you may want to discuss appropriate shoe brands with your podiatrist or doctor.

You can expect to pay around $60-150 US Dollars (USD) for a good quality pair of walking shoes. Once you decide on the size and style you need, you may be able to save some money on future pairs by buying them online. The cost of these shoes is high, but they may be worth it, as many of them support your feet better and help reduce the number of foot injuries and foot problems associated with long walks.

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