What’s a Ball Hog?

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Team sports rely on true team play, not individual scorers. Players who monopolize the ball are known as hedgehogs or pigs. Being a ball hog can hurt the team’s ability to defend or score, and hurt team morale. Coaches work to break the habit.

There are a number of team sports, such as basketball or soccer, that rely heavily on true team play, as opposed to a few players who work as individual scorers. A player who routinely seeks sole possession of the playing ball, even to the exclusion of other teammates, is known in the sports world as a hedgehog, and it is not uncommon for coaches or other players to use this description whenever apply.

A porcupine can be an exceptionally talented player, but when playing team sports the emphasis tends to be on executing a carefully planned game, not glorifying an individual player. An ambitious player may choose to be a wizard because he doesn’t trust other teammates to perform their part of the game, or he believes the best way to score is to take control and work independently.

Many coaches and trainers work diligently in practice to break the habit of the habit, but some players may not even be aware of their tendencies to monopoly the ball. A Piggy tends to prefer offensive positions with more scoring opportunities, so he may feel entitled to maintain control of the ball even when a passing opportunity presents itself. It can be very difficult for a hedgehog to give up possession of the ball unless there are few other options.

There are times when being a ball hog can hurt the entire team’s ability to defend or get into a scoring position. The opposing team often targets players who seem to be handling the ball most often, so a ball hog essentially draws a target on his uniform as he selfishly holds the ball. A pig during a basketball game, for example, might miss an opportunity to pass to an open player for an easy score. Instead, he could find himself trapped between two defenders with no chance to shoot.

Being an unrepentant pig can also hurt overall team morale, as other players quickly learn that it’s pointless to expect an aggressive player to ever pass the ball or allow other teammates to make a play from the net. A ball hog can rack up impressive individual point numbers over the course of a season, but that kind of personal success doesn’t always sit well with coaches, teammates, and fans.

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