What’s a Ball Washer?

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A ball washer is a tool found on golf courses that uses soapy water and bristles to clean golf balls. It is important to keep golf balls clean for a more natural flight and greater distance. The ball washer is a small box-shaped case elevated on a pole, and the ball is placed on a screw-shaped arm to be washed. The process takes only a few seconds and is repeated with satisfaction. Towels are usually available to dry the ball.

A ball washer is a tool used to wash golf balls, usually found on a golf course, often at each hole. They generally consist of bristles and soapy water and are often accompanied by towels. It is used by the golfer to keep golf balls clean and play more efficiently and naturally. They can be found near the tee box and sometimes around trash cans, water coolers, benches and hole layouts. Ball washing takes only seconds, and some golfers clean golf balls on every hole.

Especially important in golf, the ball washer is used to clean the rippled surface of the golf ball. The shell of the ball collects dirt more frequently than other sports balls, and the dimples create convenient crevices for dirt to collect. With a golf ball landing on dirt, sand, grass and water sometimes more than 100 times a round, the ball washer is a quick tool for keeping your ball clean. A cleaner golf ball results in a more natural flight through the air and less dirt will allow for a lighter weight and greater distance.

The ball washer usually consists of a small box-shaped case used for lavage, which is usually elevated on a pole at about stomach or chest level. The washer holds the soapy water and bristle brushes, and is topped with the plastic arm that holds the ball while scrubbing. The arm stays inside the box when not in use and is usually covered by a ball-shaped handle that stays just outside the box. Below the handle is the curved arm, usually shaped like a helix, spring, or screw. The arm has a hole in it to rest the golf ball when using the ball washer.

To wash a golf ball, grasp the ball washer arm handle by the top and lift it up. With the handle raised and the arm exposed, place the ball into the opening on the screw-shaped arm. Then lower the ball into the box where it meets the soap and bristles lining the inside of the box. The handle is then brought back up, where the ball rests on the arm opening, clean and wet. The process is repeated with satisfaction, although it usually takes only three or four light strokes. The wet ball will come out clean and can be dried with towels which usually hang off the side of the washing machine. The golfer is then ready to hit the tee box with a cleaner ball.

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