What’s a banana box?

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Banana stick is a popular Filipino street food made of fried banana coated in caramelized brown sugar. It is made with semi-ripe bananas and local varieties called “sabas.” The coating is made with dark brown sugar and can be fried in a pan or deep fryer. It is often served on a stick or skewer and considered a delicacy in Manila.

Banana stick is a popular food in the Philippines which consists of fried banana covered in caramelized brown sugar. While this food is usually fried, it also goes by the names banana-Q or banana-que, a play on the word barbecue. This has been called “Filipino comfort food” and is considered a delicacy in Manila and other parts of the Philippines. It is often enjoyed as a street food, and its inherent portability makes it a common part of outdoor festivals or celebrations.

Cooks preparing banana stick commonly start with semi-ripe bananas. Overripe bananas can fall apart or become too soft during cooking. Local varieties of bananas called “sabas” are often used for this dish. Almost any type of banana can be used, however, as long as it’s of the right consistency to keep it from cracking in the heat. The banana can be fried whole or cut into pieces or strips.

The coating ingredient for the banana indication starts with dark brown sugar. For a deep-fried version of banana stick, cooks can start with brown sugar and a little vegetable oil in a pan. You can use olive oil or other types of vegetable oil. Some cooks may add other flavoring ingredients such as vanilla or powdered sugar, although this is not a traditional take on the food.

The bananas used for the banana cue are rolled in the above mixture and then lightly fried. Cooks can also prepare this food in a deep fryer where it is also important to limit cooking times. This dish is often served alone on a stick. An alternative version can be served in a bowl with ice cream.

Detailed explanations of this food’s name suggest that it’s called a banana stick, not because it’s grilled, which more often it isn’t, but because it’s served on a stick or skewer. The banana indication is just one form of the banana as a regional dish; the commonality of this fruit makes it a favorite in many other nearby parts of the world, under many different names. For example, in various parts of Africa, a grilled or barbecued version of the sugared banana, which is sometimes called ginanggang, is common. Cooks serving this food in the context of an exotic global menu may refer to it as “banana flambé” or some other similar name.

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