What’s a Beach Cruiser?

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The beach cruiser is a comfortable bicycle with wide handles, an upright seat, and wide tires, modeled after traditional bikes from the 1930s-1950s. It is popular in Southern California and has a retro appeal. It is commonly purchased by women and has become a trend among the Baby Boomer generation. There are social clubs for cruiser riders and a resurgence in restoring older cruisers.

A beach cruiser is a type of bicycle that has low, wide handles, an upright seat, and wide tires. Although bicycles tend to be single speed and not equipped to handle rough terrain, they can be very comfortable to ride, particularly for beach riding, hence the name “beach cruiser”.
The beach cruiser is modeled after the traditional bicycles seen across America from the 1930s through the 1950s and has become a trend in recent years, although the modern version is lighter than the bikes of the early days. The first cruiser was made by the Schwinn bicycle brand, which still sells many cruisers today, along with a huge range of mountain bikes.

The beach cruiser is especially popular in Southern California, particularly in areas like Santa Monica and Venice Beach. It can be found in a huge range of colors and styles and has a retro appeal for consumers who love the old fashioned style of biking. Cruiser is typically relatively inexpensive, and ranges in price from around $130 US Dollars (USD) for a basic cruiser, to $500 (USD) for more luxurious models.

Today’s beach cruisers are popular with numerous groups of people, even though they are more commonly purchased by women than men. Because of the cruiser’s nostalgic value, it has become a trend among many people of the BaBoomer generation, who value comfort over speed. It is also common to see many young people, especially surfers, riding this type of bike.

Today, there are several social clubs in the United States for people who operate cruise ships. In Los Angeles, a biker club called Cruz with Us is made up of people who ride around town on motorcycles to various bars on a certain Saturday night each month.

Due to the resurgence in popularity of beach cruisers in modern times, many people are into restoring older cruisers from the 1950s or earlier. In addition, new cruisers are being built and sold all the time, both by big brands like Schwinn and small bike boutiques.

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