What’s a bio tech’s job?

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A biology technician supports scientists in life science experiments, working in laboratories at universities, research organizations, or private sector environments. They collect materials, analyze test results, and clean the lab. A two-year program in laboratory technology or a bachelor’s degree in biology is typically required.

A biology technician supports scientists in tests and experiments in the field of life sciences. A person in this position is often called a laboratory assistant or technician, biological technician, or biological assistant. Their work typically takes place at universities and colleges, and most of it takes place in laboratories. Some in this position may work for government or research organizations or in private sector food, drug and chemical processing environments.

This position requires skills in all aspects of laboratory operations. Generally, the technician is required to gather all the materials a scientist needs to perform experiments. Depending on the nature of the research, this may require it to collect substances from other laboratories and industries or from the environment. Typical materials needed to perform tests include samples of animal meat or hair and human or animal blood. Other research projects may require collecting soil, water, and certain types of drugs or food.

Typically, she is expected to have the correct tools to collect clean samples for transport in sterile containers. If materials require storage for future use, it is usually necessary for the technician to know the proper procedures to follow. Failure to properly handle or store samples can yield experiment results.

Other duties of a biology technician typically include calculating and analyzing test results and preparing tables or graphs of results for analysis by scientists. She may also be required to set up measurement and analytical devices for scientists to use in tests. At the end of the day, the person in this position is often responsible for cleaning the lab and its equipment.

If the biology technician is experienced and seems highly proficient at her job, the scientist she works for may allow her to conduct her own tests and trials. The scientist usually supervises their work and usually provides guidance or comments on the research. Based on his performance, the technician may also be asked to provide information about certain test procedures and conclusions of the scientist for whom he works.

To obtain employment as a biology technician, it is typically necessary to successfully complete a two-year program in laboratory technology at a technical college or institute. These programs may offer a general certification or offer the option to specialize in a specific biological science, such as plant or animal science. Some employers require a bachelor’s degree in biology or a related science. Most jobs also offer on-the-job training in the field of biology relevant to the position being offered.

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